Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chimay Pint Night @ Broken Barrel Tavern

This is it, the big one!!!! Been trying to get this set up since before we opened, and finally, in time for Christmas we have received the glasses for a Chimay Pint Night at Broken Barrel Tavern. There are a limited number of glasses, so getting here early is highly recommended!

Gift Certificates are on special, buy a $50 GC and get an extra $10, FREE!

Beer Gifts!!!
We have the entire Jewbelation Vertical series in a gift set, with glass, for $44 (These beers will age magnificently!)

Beers of America, a tour of American History through brewing styles, are $36 for six different beers, two of each type. @ $3 a beer, for a set of beers in a wooden stand that have never been released before, this is the Christmas buy of the year. We are running low on these however, and only have a dozen left.

We can also custom make a beer basket for you or your loved one based on what you or they prefer to drink. We can work with any budget, so get'em what they want, GREAT BEER!!!

Happy Holidays & Drink Better Beer!

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