Monday, April 27, 2009

Guiness Turns 250

help Guiness celebrate their 250th Anniversary with their limited, special release of their Guinness Anniversary Stout.

reminisce with their rerelease of classic, retro print advertisments before political mudholes fearing their own lackluster worth felt were offensive to our fragile minds.


the brewery itself, located at James Gate in Dublin, Ireland has a 9,000 year lease signed by the founder, one Mr. Arthur Guinness himself. apparently, this gent knew that Guinness was destined for internation greatness.

personally, i think Guinness is only so-so, and certainly not a ground-breaking, taste-bud stunning, mind-blowing stout, but there is much to be said for its legacy, good and bad. i look forward to seeing how their Anniversary release fairs, and to a 50th Anniversary some 25 years on down the road.

no worries, i'll still be drinking beer then.

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