Sunday, July 05, 2009

Kid Rock beer - Badass Redneck Lager

honestly, i'm not all that interested or impressed, but i will try it.

my peeve: seeing as how 'badass' and 'different' Kid Rock proposes to be, he goes for the most mainstream, dull, boring, watered-down and unimpressive beer style:

American Standard Lager, aka Macro Light Lager

pardon me if i don't start jumping up & down in excitement.

come on Mr. Kid Rock, i know you can do better than that, or are you just a sell out like the rest of them?

know what would have been impressive?

a big ole FUCK YOU to all the mainstream piss that floods the modern domestic beer market by releasing something big, crazy, and rocking with flavor.

and the name? come on. i know who you are selling to, and they aren't buying. they're sticking with the same watery macro light lagers they have drank for decades with blatant disregard and disinterest to anyone who should try to steer them otherwise. habit is a bitch to break, after all.

his drinking crowd? aka targeted demographic market?

they want foo-foo fruity drinks, jaeger-bombs, or the same ole schlock they have been drinking for years, legally and not so legally. they certainly aren't alternative or rebellious, and heaven forbid your beer should have...calories.

unsurprisingly, the craft market could have been the perfect match, but obviously Kid Rock missed that pulse of America.

i'll try it.
i'll write a review of it.
but i won't buy any more than the one bottle i need to do the above.

PS: i'm particularly disturbed by this line from an earlier SPIN article.

"Move over, President Obama -- Kid Rock has a stimulus plan that's guaranteed to save the economy: getting drunk"

{shakes head}
oh great gods of beer and rationality, please save me from the infernally perpetuating stupidity that is the modern marketing culture i am surrrounded most-unwillingly by.

on a more serious note, that is a very damning phrase for the millions of adults who choose to enjoy our beer in a mature, appreciative, artisanal fashion that does not make us look like immature drunk dumbasses. that damning little quip also does very little to educate the young and impressionable as to the many positive ways to enjoy beer, and spirits in general.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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